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Pick Three classes from the following website. Make sure you select the SAME term each time.



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Learning How to Use Google Book Search

Today we will be learning how to use Google Book Search. I am teaching you how to use this because it’s a valuable tool for finding WHERE INFORMATION IS LOCATED. However, Google Book Search won’t tell you much more than that. NEVER try to use Google Book Search to replace ACTUAL READING.

Answer the following steps in an email to devin@ucla.edu. You may work with a partner. Please list both your name and your partner’s name in the email (if you both want credit).

  1. Go to Google Book Search
  2. List two titles from publications located on the Google Book Search homepage.
  3. Find the 2004 edition of Animal Farm by George Orwell.
  4. What is the one sentence “maxim” that Snowball determines should act as a commandment?
  5. On what page is this “maxim” first located?
  6. Find the title of one non-fiction book written by Toni Morrison.
  7. According to Augusto Boal in “Theater of the Oppressed”, who should have opposed Macbeth?
  8. What information does Google Books have about “Devin Ozdogu”? (P.S. I’m so egotistical!!!)
  9. Search “The Slave Community” by John W. Blassingame.
  10. What does Blassingame have to say about “slaves who escaped”?
  11. How is this search of Blassingame’s book different from your search of “Theater of the Oppressed”?
  12. Below the snippets of Blassingame’s book that you have searched, click on “Where’s the rest of this book?“.
  13. Summarize the explanation why you can’t read the entire book online.
  14. Write a three sentence explanation of what you CAN learn from Google Book Search and what you CAN’T learn from Google Book Search.

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GLOW Scholarship Application

Click here to complete the online application.

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Scholarship Search!

Today’s task. Find just one scholarship that you will apply to before the end of the week. Please use the following websites to conduct your search today:

Pick something that fits your needs and make sure that you can complete the application in a week. Be sure that you meet the application requirements. Some scholarships require that you are a certain race, gender, have a certain GPA, etc.

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Monday (10-27-08)

Today we…

  • Continued drafting our personal statements.
  • Remember, you are writing a response to the first UC personal statement question: Describe the world you come from — for example, your family, community or school — and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations.
  • After you are done typing up the descriptive introductory paragraph we wrote last week, start typing up the rest of your personal essay.
  • Remember, if you are actually applying to a UC, your essay should be around 500-800 words (so you have left over words for the second question).

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Thursday (10-9-08)

Email to Devin@ucla.edu

Your GPA: ________
Your SAT/ACT Scores (estimate if you don’t know for certain): __________

Safety School:________________________

Average GPA of Incoming Freshmen:
Average SAT/ACT Score of Incoming Freshmen:

Does this college qualify as a safety school? (Do you think you will most likely be accepted?)

Good Fit School:______________________

Average GPA of Incoming Freshmen:
Average SAT/ACT Score of Incoming Freshmen:

Does this college qualify as a good fit school? (Do you think you have a good chance at being accepted?)

Reach School:________________________

Average GPA of Incoming Freshmen:
Average SAT/ACT Score of Incoming Freshmen:

Does this college qualify as a reach school? (Do you think you still have a chance at being accepted?)

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Letters of Recommendation

  • Compose an email to one teacher/administrator that you want a letter of recommendation from.
  • Follow the format below. This is a ticket to leave and will be a graded assignment. Please feel free to copy/paste and complete your email accordingly.

Dear         ,

I would really appreciate it you could write me a letter of recommendation for college…

I’m think of applying to…

I thought you would be a good reference because…

Some things you might want to talk about in your letter are…

Thank you for your time and energy. I know you’re a busy person!


[Type your name]

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